Thursday, 7 October 2010

Unjust Incarceration of Sarath Fonseka

Imagine, three years’ rigorous imprisonment for a violation of guidelines relating to tender procedures?

He was cashiered from the first court-martial; hence technically he has never served in the armed forces and has nothing to do with the Army. So how can one enforce a second court-martial on such a person, if the common law was enforced it would have been appropriate. Imagine 3 years for the failure to reveal his son-in-law's interest in the tender in question. Even the cashiering of Fonseka for dabbling in politics while in uniform utter violation of one’s rights, what is wrong with a man whose about to retire, contemplating on entering politics as his future profession.
It is obvious that the president and the government are trying to politically destroy Sarath Fonseka.
The Rajapaksa apologists are trying to justify this unjust incarceration of the war hero that ended 30 year civil war almost sacrificing his life in the process. It is Sarath Fonseka that paved the way for the President and this government to be where they are right now.
Back in the day when the president came before the people with his Mahinda Chinthana, the salient topic was militarily defeating the LTTE. They were under tremendous pressure to deliver, the Defence secretary had been in the military long enough to realise it was General Fonseka who's the man for the job, as for the president he had been in politics long enough to realise that they desperately need someone like Fonseka who's well known for his ruthlessness in the battlefield, to help them effectively sell the war to the public. Fonseka thoroughly deserved the various feathers in his cap, he earned them, needn't pay tribute to any one for that. And he knows it, that's why he was able to bid goodbye to the military keeping his head straight.