Monday, 2 May 2011

UN SG Ban Ki Moon's report on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon has called for a probe on alleged war crimes perpetrated by the government of Sri Lanka during the latter stages of the war which culminated with the killing of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Now that the report that was compiled by the three member advisory panel appointed by the UN SG is published, Sri Lankan government is facing a serious threat of been summoned before a UN security council or the UN Human Rights council.

It is no secret that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is acting under the instigation of the western forces and it is obvious that his re-election as the secretary general of the UN is at stake if he fails to appease them, who are ironically responsible for massive violations of human rights and perpetrators of war crimes of unimaginable scales, specially in Afghanistan and the middle east.

Initially we were told that the so called advisory panel's task was not to investigate but to advise the secretary general, but the report which was published recently did not correspond to that. Instead it seems to be a report full of speculative allegations. However the allegations have not been proven and one would think that they never will be. Therefore this particular report cannot be a grounds for any further action.

However the way things are being handled by the Sri Lankan government is lamentable, there seems to be no clear strategy when it comes to the implementation of the foreign policy. Lot seems to be done at the local front than the international front where the real battle needs to be fought. One feels that the international community was not briefed accurately and regularly enough to start with. Also the conduct of some of the cabinet ministers soon after the panel of experts was appointed was laughable, where one of the cabinet ministers who initially threatened to surround the UN office in Colombo and hold its employees hostage, later staged a fast-unto-death protest in front of the UN office. He decided to end the protest when the president intervened.

The foreign minister himself has become a laughing stock, by making a plethora of contradictory statements and causing much embarrassment to the country. When the UN SG's panel of experts were appointed, the Foreign ministry initially questioned its legality and refused to grant visas to them, then released statement saying the panel was welcome to come to Sri Lanka to make representations to LLRC(Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission) and later went on to officially recognize the panel of experts and their report by secretly meeting the panel in US in his capacity as minister of external affairs.